Monday, May 1, 2017

The "Behind the Book" Video Series Is Perfect For Children's Book Week!

Our students love learning about the authors who write the books they read.
There are lots of ways to do this in todays world. 

As we celebrate Children's Book Week, this is the perfect time to bring author voices to your students too!

One of my favorite places to share for students to connect to the authors they love is Follett's Behind The Book Author Series!
It is the Behind The Book Author Series found on Follett Learning's YouTube Channel here. 

There are 56 wonderful author interviews on this playlist.  

They can be played within the playlist and...
each one of the videos can be played and shared individually too.
These are perfect to share in the library or classroom.

You could share individual Behind The Book videos with groups of students or even have the playlist running on a big screen as they come in and out of the library.
Also, you can hand out the above card to students and it will give them access to all of the Behind the Book videos by scanning the QR code or going to the on the bottom.

This will be a fun activity for them at school, on the bus and even at home.
You can go to this Google Doc to get the card and even a page with 9 of the cards on it making it very easy to print a bunch to pass out to students and teachers.

The author interviews are also fun to share on Twitter and Instagram by sharing the individual links to the Behind the Book videos.....or tweet out the entire playlist too!

We all hearing from our favorite authors. Give everyone a special place to listen to wonderful stories, writing tips, upcoming books and more from the Behind the Book series too.

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