Thursday, May 11, 2017

4 Easy Steps To Get Started With The Summer Sparks Reading Contest!

The Summer Reading Sparks Contest with our friends at Buncee and Capstone will be one of the best ways to spark reading, learning and creating within your students all summer long.

As this kicks off, we want to make sure you and your students get all signed up and ready to go before the end of the school year.....and ready to kick off a fun summer of reading fun!

To make it easy and quick, I wanted to share 4 tips for getting started with Buncee and Capstone.
1. After you sign up on the Summer Reading Sparks Contest page, read through...
...the directions on How To Participate. You will check your inbox for the Buncee coupon and the Capstone links.  
Once you have them, you are ready to get your students connected with Buncee and Capstone!
2. There are three ways to create student accounts in Buncee.

The first is creating student accounts manually.
The second is uploading a CSV file. This video will tell you how.
The third is giving your students a Class Code they will enter as they Login for the first time.

This video will help you use Class Codes too. 
3.  After your students have their Buncee Username and Password, give them one of the My Buncee and Capstone Login cards to save their information. You can either write it down or have them do it.

They can take this card home with them to have wherever they go all summer long.  When my kids were little, we would tape their summer reading and learning information up in the kitchen.
4.  On this card, your students will also find the information for logging into PebbleGo and the Capstone Interactive eBooks.

You will receive these handy cards in your inbox after you sign up too.

These 4 easy steps will guide you as you sign up for the Summer Sparks Reading Contest too.

And please let me know if I can help.

Happy Summer Reading, Friends!  

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