Thursday, May 11, 2017

Focus Mode Takes Away The Distractions In Padlet

Today when I was working on a Future Ready Librarians Padlet, I noticed something a little different.

I knew others were posting on the shared Padlet, but I didn't see the updates right away, in real-time.

So I went to the Padlet blog and found this post Free Yourself From Distractions With Focus Mode

As the blog says, Now, when someone else updates a Padlet you're working on, you will simply get a little message that there is some new content to see (Padlet updated elsewhere).  You get to decide if you want to see the changes now (Refresh), or if you want to refresh the page later...when you're done.  Your own time...real-time. 

This will make conversations, sharing and collaborations on Padlet interruption free and so much less frustrating for those contributing.

Thank you Padlet for thinking of these super helpful things!  

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