Wednesday, May 10, 2017

WOW In The World....A New Podcast For Our Kids From NPR!

NPR has announced something super exciting for kids!

They have launched WOW in the World, a new podcast for kids ages 5-12....and as they say, A New Podcast for curious kids and their grown-ups.  

WOW in the World will focus on science, technology, invention and discovery through kids-friends news and science stories.
You can listen to Welcome to Wow in the World as they tell us even more about this awesome new show!
The podcast series starts on May 15 with Guy Raz from NPR and Mindy Thomas from SiriusXM as hosts so subscribe by clicking here today.

You can check out the Wow in the World website and...
find them on Twitter (@GuyRaz and @AbsolutelyMindy too), Facebook and Instagram too. 

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