Thursday, May 11, 2017

Join Hagan As He Brings The Banding Together Project To India Next Year

Four years ago, Hagan and his classmates at Van Meter Elementary created a wonderful project called Banding Together.  You can read all about their project here

At the time, the third graders were creating bracelets for each other but it soon turned into a global PBL project with hundreds of others schools around the world creating bracelets that made their way to children in Africa, India and lots of places in the United States and Canada.  

From the very beginning, their bracelets made a difference in the world. 
Since then, I have brought Banding Together bracelets with me twice to Mexico to give the children in a village outside of Cancun.
It is always such a special day and one I love sharing with Hagan when I get home.  

But I am always wish he was with me to see the kindness and love the bracelets spread.  
When the third graders told our friends Saira and Carey from In This Together Media about their project, they wanted to partner with them to send the bracelets to Saira Rao's aunt who works in an orphanage in Mangalore, India.  
She told the kids, So this is what my aunt said, and I quote: "There are so many very poor children here.  However many bracelets you send...20, 40, 100...I will get them to the kids and they will love it." 
It was very meaningful for Hagan and his classmates to be able to know that they made a difference with their idea and project.  

Hagan even got to talk to Baj about Banding Together in person a few times when she was in Denver visiting Saira and their family.  
Well Hagan and I now have a plan to bring Banding Together to the place where it all started.

In February 2018, Hagan, Eric and I are going to India.  We are going to visit Aunt Baj in Mangalore during our stay. And of course we will bringing bracelets.  

This is where you and your students come into the story.  Hagan needs your help in creating even more bracelets to bring with us for the visit.  
We already have received a giant bunch from our friend Stephanie Lockard in Texas.  They were so creative and pretty....the kids will love them!  

And they don't have to be made with a Rainbow Loom.  Stephanie and her group made them from embroidery string.  Let your students be creative and see what ideas they come up with too. 

If you have questions, please write Hagan and I at  

You can send the bracelets to Hagan Miller at 4135 Green Court Denver, CO 80211.  

Thank you for reading their story and helping with the Banding Together Project.  It is a wonderful way for you to involve your students in a project that will truly bring happiness into their hearts and the hearts of others.  

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