Wednesday, April 12, 2017

You Will LOVE Creating New Genre Signage For Your Library Too!

As you know, we have been having so much fun creating new library branding and signage using Buncee's new backgrounds, stickers, animations and more.  You can read this post from my blog to find out more.

This week my friend and wonderful teacher librarian Elaine Deja created several beautiful genre signs for their elementary library using Buncee.
She created the Library Genre Signage Buncee and then....

created a sign for each genre section of their library using the different stickers from the Library category in Buncee.  
Let's take a look at one of these genre posters.

She took the Fairy Tale Buncee Sticker, added it to a page in her Buncee and turned it sideways so it could be a vertical poster when she printed it off.

Elaine even added a few more stickers and the call number to her Fairy Tale Genre Poster.
She then printed it off and put it into the new 8 1/2 x 11 table card displays she bought from Amazon. You can find them here.

I also thought of a few more things you could add to the genre posters.
You could direct students to the different categories in Destiny Discover.  Each category would have an unique URL.
For example, I could go to the Fairy Tale category in Destiny Discover, take that URL and make a QR code unique to that page.  
Then I could upload the QR code into Buncee and place it on the genre poster.  

When students go to the Fairy Tale section in the library, they will find those books on the shelf but can also use the QR code to go to the Fairy Tale eBooks through Destiny Discover too.  

You could do this with databases like Capstone's PebbleGo too  
I created a QR code for PebbleGo Animals and added it to....
the Animals genre poster that Elaine created and shared with me.  I even put a little PebbleGo image below the QR code so the students will know where that would take them.  

Elaine has made the Genre Signage Buncee available to all of us here.  You can make a copy and edit the Buncee just like I did to copy, edit or even make your own.  

And to give you an idea of what the genre signage looks like, check out Elaine's library....
I really love the sign Elaine created for her Makerspace.  
You will find that one in the Buncee too!

Thank you Elaine....You have inspired us all with these amazing Buncee Genre Signs!  

Just think of the possibilities when creating library signage using Buncee!  It will make your library and collection come to life.

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