Thursday, April 27, 2017

What A Fun Poem In Your Pocket Day Celebration! You Can Watch & Have Fun Too!

Today is the day!  

It is Poem In Your Pocket Day and we had a very special celebration this afternoon I want to share.  

Four libraries and their librarians and teachers came together to celebrate using Google Hangout Live. Our group included teachers librarians Craig Seasholes in Washington; Heather Fox and Kim James, in Iowa; and Michelle Griffith and Karyn Lewis in Texas....along with wonderful teachers and lots of awesome kids! 

But the SUPER cool thing....Because it was a GHO Live we were able to share the link so other schools and libraries could watch around the world!  

To make this Poem In Your Pocket Day even more special we were joined by Emily Arrow, Robert Forbes, Blake Hoena from Cantata Learning and Mrs. P to sing, share stories and poetry. We had so much fun creating, reading and listening to the poems in the pockets from the students too.  

You will find the recording of our Live Google Hangout in the Buncee above.  Feel free to watch with your students and share too.  

Here are a few of the pictures that we took and shared of our time together.  I will keep adding them here so please share too.  

Thank you friends.  You always make this one of the best days of the year!  
And I loved it at the end when Emily sang Find A Book, one of the Cantata Learning Library Skills titles which are available August 1, 2017.  

I wrote these four books and Emily arranged and produced the music.  It was so much fun singing along with all of the students in their libraries.  
You can listen and sing along to Find A Book and all four of the Library Skills Set here on the Cantata Learning site. 

And remember...if you missed todays LIVE event, you can watch it with your kids later too.  Thank you Alexis for sharing this with us....we love seeing you and your kids having fun with us. 
We hope you all had a fun day celebrating Poem In Your Pocket Day too! 

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