Saturday, April 8, 2017

Skype Translator...Speak With Students & Teachers In Their Own Language!

Using Skype in the library to connect to others around the world made such a difference in the students lives.  It gave them the opportunity to connect with authors, illustrators, experts and places like never before. 

It also let them connect with other children around the world.  We learned about New Orleans and Mardi Gras; learned about going to school in Australia; and learned favorite things to eat in Ireland.  

There were times with our Skype connections, that the language differences made it a little difficult.  

Well, now Skype has created something that makes it possible for our young people to connect with others around the world regardless of the language they speak
It is called Skype Translator.

With this, you can speak with students and teachers in their own language.
All you have to do is watch this video of Skype Translator being used in Mexico City, Mexico and Tacoma, Washington.  

It is such a beautiful thing to bring them together with others around the world.  

Thank you Skype helping us make this happen. 

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