Tuesday, April 18, 2017

This Is Exciting! PebbleGo Next Social Studies From Capstone Coming In August!

Our friends at Capstone has announced something very exciting. 

PebbleGo Next Social Studies will be joining the PebbleGo database family in August with over 150 articles aligned with national curriculum standards for the social studies.  
As the press release on the Capstone site states,

The module's robust content will explore: Culture, Economics, Fields of Study, Geography, Technology and Society, and the United States.  Each of the articles will include: a project of activity related to the topic, a research report template, critical thinking questions, a video (when available), and information-rich text.  

With this being created for grades 3-5, PebbleGo Next Social Studies will be the perfect compliment to PebbleGo Next Science and PebbleGo Next States and American Indian Studies too.

I can't wait to hear more as this is announced at TLA in Texas this week.  I will be sure to pass on any exciting news to all of you.

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