Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Empowering teachers with Velocity, a real-time adaptive learning program from Voyager Sopris Learning

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At ISTE last June I was introduced to Velocity, a dynamic, online literacy program for K-5 students that optimizes the way education is experienced by letting technology empower and enhance both teachers and students. I loved how Velocity transforms classrooms into 21st-century learning stations, making it perfect for 1:1 instruction and other learning environments. Velocity makes learning fun with special little characters and unique 'worlds". They engage and motivate a love of reading and challenge students with new skills on grade-level and beyond. Velocity also fills in the instructional gaps of individual students.
I couldn’t wait to learn more!  
In February, I attended the TCEA conference, where Tech & Learning named Velocity a Best in Show winner. While I was there, I met up with Jeff Elliott, Voyager Sopris Learning’s President, and I learned a bit more about the changes his company has made to the program since I saw it for the first time.
It’s exciting to see this learning platform--which is a fun and encouraging way for students to progress and teachers to help every student--grow and evolve.
I like the way Velocity keeps teachers at the center of learning. The technology is designed to enhance what a teacher does, not replace their efforts. That is so important! So many ed tech products mean that the child is in front of a computer and the teacher is not directly involved. The opposite is true with Velocity. It empowers teachers with data, which allows the teacher to help each student learn more completely and deeply. The student relearns challenging a concept until they’ve mastered it.
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While the program is adaptive, it is unique in that it is real-time adaptive, meaning it adapts continuously to each individual student, maximizing their potential to succeed. It’s pretty cool to see how it allows each child to work at their own pace, and constantly evolves with students, ensuring success and building confidence. Plus it is so fun for students.
I was excited to learn that the company is offering free 60-day classroom trials of Velocity for a short time. If you test drive the program, be sure to take a look at Velocity’s new standards reports and how they give you the ability to see grade level and/or off-grade level standards that individual students have been working on. Also, take a look at the program’s teacher recommendation banner (on their dashboard) providing not only the lesson that should be taught but the grouping of students for that lesson.
Your students will also like Velocity’s new student dashboard that gives them the ability to unlock guides and worlds and the ability to decide which problem to work on when a choice is provided by the engine.
As an educator, I love the way Velocity allows K-5 students to work through content at their own pace, while it responds to each student’s learning needs, all the while supplementing the teacher’s instruction and providing the personalized attention. That spells a win in my book!
Try it for free by clicking here!

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