Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Lots Of FREE Apps From PBS Kids!

This week at the Iowa Association of School Librarians Conference in West Des Moines, I learned about all of the free apps available from PBS Kids.  I have used a few of them over the years like...
ScratchJr, but had no idea there were even more!
I loved the flyer they had which highlighted several of the free PBS Kids Apps...
but went to check out too.

You can search all of the PBS Kids Apps or...
search by Shows, Age and Skills too.

In this photo above, I am searching the different Skills.  I picked...
 Apps for Creativity.  I love all of these....this is where PBS Kids ScratchJr falls into.
When you click on an app, it also tells you the information to get started and gives you a link directly to that app.

You can click here to go to PBS Kids Photo Factory.
These apps are wonderful and tie into the learning goals we set for our students and our own children too.

Thank you PBS Kids for this terrific gift!

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