Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Edutopia Has Given Us 53 Ways To Check For Understanding

As I was looking for ideas for Poetry Month, I came across this amazing idea...

Summary Poem Activity! I love this idea and can think of so many ways to bring it into different areas of the library and curriculum.  

I also love the list this poetry activity is part of.... 53 Ways To Check For Understanding from Edutopia.  

On this list, you will find things such as Illustration, Advertisement, Podcast, Comic Book and Twitter Post to an activity called You've Got Mail and another poetry one, Bio Poem.  

With this you are armed with so many creative ways to check for understanding with your students. 

 You can download it here...
and print it off too.  Make sure you share and pin it up as a reminder.

Thank you Edutopia for these ideas and inspiration. 

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