Saturday, April 8, 2017

Learn How To Evaluate, Teach and Lead Digital Citizenship With Project Connect

This month I am also diving deeper into the Professional Development opportunities Follett has created to support us as librarians and other educators through Project Connect.  

As one of the main focuses as a Future Ready Librarian is to work alongside district leaders in creating innovative learning opportunities for students, Follett has created Project Connect to support these efforts. 

They have kicked off a series of microcredential online courses which focus on developing the qualities of a Future Ready Librarian and Future Ready approach.   
You can read this post, Become a Future Ready Librarian and Leader By Joining Project Connect to learn more.   
I am currently taking the Digital Citizenship Project Connect course.  

Being a teacher librarian within a 1:1 laptop school for 8 years, I was the one who lead the digital citizenship within our school district working with all the K-12 students, teachers and parents. This is something I am very passionate about and always searching for new knowledge and resources focused around these essential skills.  

I love what I have found with the Digital Citizenship Project Connect course.  I am learning so much and putting these skills to use as I dive into various resources, methods and information focused around digital citizenship.  

As the course description states, you'll learn to model, teach and lead educators and students to a deeper value of digital citizenship. You will assess what you, your students and peers know about digital citizenship, assess current practices, and create a plan to equip and lead your students and yourself to success in the digital age.
As I work through the three course objectives, I know I am arming myself with amazing new Future Ready Librarian skills as I build a new tool box of digital citizenship knowledge, skills, tools and leadership abilities.  
On April 18, I will be leading a Follett Community webinar, Digital Literacy: Project Connect's Microcredential Course at 2:00pm CST.  

We will explore the importance of teaching digital literacy, the effects of not addressing digital literacy in your school, and how you can address this issue.  And I can't wait to share what I am learning in the Project Connect course.  I know you will want to get involved and take it too!  

So please register for the free webinar and join me as we learn more about digital citizenship together. 

Also, you can take another step towards being future ready by registering for the Digital Citizenship Course here.  The microcredential courses can be purchased by PO or credit card. 

Join us at Project Connect as a Future Ready Librarian and Leader today. 

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