Thursday, April 6, 2017

How Do You Teach Digital Citizenship Literacy? We Want To Know.

Digital Literacy. Digital Citizenship. Media Literacy.  

We hear these topics all the time.  With all of these important topics, comes a huge amount of questions, resources, ideas and new things popping up everyday.  

As I get ready for a new Follett Community webinar on April 18 focusing on Digital Citizenship Literacy, I have taken a good look at how I taught this to my K-12 students and all of the resources, lessons and projects we tied into this essential topic.  I started making a list and added links to a Symbaloo.  

Then I thought... I want to know how other people are teaching digital citizenship literacy too.        
I have started a Padlet called How Do You Teach Digital Citizenship Literacy? You will find it here

Please share how you teach digital citizenship literacy.  What are the main points you include?  Do you have a curriculum?  Also, share any digital literacy projects, lessons and resources that you use too. 

To get us started, I shared three that I am excited about.  They include...
The Project Connect Digital Citizenship microcredential course from Follett.  I am finishing up this course and have learned so much along the way!  It definitely stepped up my game with digital citizenship.  

You can find out more information about the microcredentials and Project Connect here
I love the Digital Citizenship Scope and Sequence and all of the fantastic resources, lesson plans and interactive games from Common Sense Education.  It is amazing for all children kindergarten through 12th grade and also teachers, parents and communities too.  
I am also crazy about this new series from Capstone, Our Digital Planet.  These are available in print and eBook making them perfect for large group, individual and small group work and conversations. This series covers staying safe online, using digital technology and more.  This series is the perfect addition for any library and classroom working with younger students.  

Please add your ideas and thoughts to the Padlet here too.  I would love to include as many voices, resources and ideas as possible.  
Also, if you haven't registered for the Digital Literacy webinar on April 18, please do so here

If you can't make it at that time, don't worry....It will be recorded and shared afterwards.  

Thank you friends.  Together we are making a different in the lives of the digital citizens we serve everyday.  

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