Thursday, February 27, 2014

Useful Tool for Students, Teachers, Librarians, and Presenters..... Free Online PDF to PPT Converter

I meet a lot of really wonderful people through the social networks we are all connected through.

Last week I had the pleasure of meeting Lucy Sanchez from PDF Converter Elite on Twitter. 

Lucy introduced me to PDF Convertor and I just knew I had to tell all of you about too.  
I asked Lucy to write something we could share on my blog, so their blogger Cindy 
and Lucy sent me this post.  I was very excited to read it and really enjoyed learning so much
about PDF Converter.  

Being a librarian means collecting, organizing and archiving valuable resources and books, and making them available to students, educators and other library members and users. Today, in the age of digital,
electronic libraries, gathering library materials and enriching its collections have become easier and
faster. The real beauty of digitizing is that distributing and making literary resources available to all
interested users around the world has rendered knowledge more accessible and attainable.

Furthermore, as teachers, presenters, authors and students, we are able to create our own electronic
libraries and save our own works in digital format for future archiving and reference purposes. Cloud
computing and free cloud solutions, such as Dropbox, OneDrive (former Skydrive), Box and many others, have empowered us to back up and secure all our precious essays, presentations, reports or ebooks. That is how we all contribute to expanding learning resources and enlarging the world knowledge base.

If we investigate our archived works and resources, chances are that we will realize that most of them are in Portable Document Format (PDF). The truth is that the format is excellent for archiving purposes, as well as for distributing and sharing them. It preserves the formatting of source documents and also enables everyone, on any operating system or device to open and view them.

One of the benefits of PDF for us as their authors and creators, is that it can’t be easily modified and
reused. But, this benefit sometimes turns itself against us. There are different occasions when we might
need to brush up and update the past presentations, or extract some of the slides that we want to reuse
for a new slide deck.
What to do in such cases? Luckily, the Internet and its champions offer solution to this problem. The best solution to deal with unrelenting and unchangeable PDF is to transform it to another, editable format like Microsoft PowerPoint, which most presenters are well acquainted with. In order to do that, we need a PDF to PowerPoint Converter. It doesn’t even have to be expensive, as there is a completely free online PDF to PPT conversion service.

This nifty service allows you to upload your PDF slideshow and get it converted in minutes without any effort on your part.

All that you need to do is to:

● Visit the web address of the tool.

● Upload your PDF (Step One) by clicking the button Choose File and selecting the document from
your local drive (it can also be a Dropbox, OneDrive or other cloud service’s desktop client).

● Enter the email address to receive the download link to your converted PPT slides (Step Two), ready for editing and brushing up.

● Click the button Start! to send your PDF for conversion

If you tend to worry about giving away your email address to online service providers, don’t worry: the (the tool provider) extends full guarantee that each email address and its privacy are fully protected, as well as the contents of the uploaded files.

The PDF to PPT service is reliable, accurate, quick and very easy to use. And on top of it, it is free. It is good to keep in mind that the maximum size of an uploaded file is 2MB. All converted files should be downloaded within 24 hours, as the download link expires after that time and files with adjoining email addresses are permanently deleted from’s servers (in order to maximally protect the privacy of users and their files).
Even though presenters most often deal with PowerPoint and PPT (PPTX) format, it doesn’t hurt to mention that the same provider offers three more PDF conversion options: PDF to Word, PDF to Excel and Create PDF. They are also fully free. All these separate online tools can be accessed from the page of PDF to PowerPoint converter.

These four simple tools should satisfy most PDF management needs of an individual presenter or librarian organizing and managing their own digital libraries.

You can find them on Twitter and Facebook too.

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