Friday, February 28, 2014

A Little Choice and Freedom To Create Brings Fun to Our 5th Grader Project 3D Olympics!

Today the 5th graders took over the library with excitement, creativity, and so much collaborating. 

They were given a choices and freedom to create.....this always leads to a whole lot of fun.  

As you know they have been working on "Project 3D Olympics" for the last three weeks in the library. 
You can read all about the project here at this first post....And another from this week as they created their very own Olympic symbols.
The 5th graders have worked through the "Wonder" and "Investigation" stage in the research project.
Now it was time for them to move into the "Construct" and "Express" stages as they take the information and turned it into something unique and engaging.
Each group took the information they had gathered in their Google Doc and brainstormed how they would develop a project using...
one or more of the digital tools in the "Web 2.0 Tools" Symbaloo webmix.  

As a class, we discussed several of the digital tools....Ones they have used, ones they wanted to use, and just ones they really wanted to try.  Now they were brainstorming with their group on which ones would be a match for them.  

They LOVE having this freedom and choice!  To be told they can pick any tools to showcase their research and knowledge is important to them and something they take very seriously.  
They couldn't wait to get started on their projects.
The groups got out two computers or a combination of iPads and laptops. I love watching this because they were using one for the research and one for's fun watching them manage how they use technology too.
They choose a lot of different digital tools.  There were a few of the groups who are using...
Josie, Kylie, and Lucy put together an AWESOME Animoto with their questions and research.  
They were creating with StoryBird....
(I love this Piktochart and how they tied in what their 3D Olympic symbol will be on a lego like looking character.)
Smore, Yahki, Haiku Deck, Google Drive, and more.

As you can see, the 5th graders, and all young people, love having choice, freedom, and the space to create and collaborate.

It brings so much to any community.
Stay tune....And just wait to see what they create next as they take their ideas 3D with the Makerbot!

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