Thursday, February 13, 2014

Third Grade Programmer Sheridyn Sharing Her Amazing Scratch Studio In The Library Today

In December, we all celebrated Computer Science Education Week Hour of Code with millions of people all over the world.
It was very exciting to see this number raise every day.  There were hundreds of hours of coding added by our young people in Van Meter, Iowa in this total too. 

In the post, "Hour of Code" Week Smore and All Kinds Of Fun For Your Students, Teachers, Parents & YOU! I shared all kinds of wonderful resources that will help you learn how to code. 

And at the end of our super fun week I created an Animoto to show Hour of Code At Van Meter in 4 Minutes! What An Awesome Week We Had!

It was such a rewarding and exciting week....We couldn't wait to keep going with our coding stories and things we were learning.
Today one of my third grade friends shared her story with me.

Since we participated in Hour of Code, Sheridyn has been creating games in her very own Scratch Studio.

She was super excited to show me what she had been up to in Scratch.  After a few minutes I went and grabbed my iPhone....I just had to get this story on video.  

I hope you take a few minutes to watch Sheridyn share about teaching herself to program and creating using Scratch.  Not only has she learned how to create in Scratch, she is also very good at navigating the creating and networking site.  I loved watching her show us around.
To listen to her tell us....

I've created 47 projects and 46 are shared. 

When I asked who she shared her projects with...

I share them with all the Scratchers. 

And she was very happy that one of her projects had lots of views and comments.  
It was fun to hear her tell how she responds to the other Scratchers when they need help playing one of her games or have a suggestion for her.  

I love moments like this.  They are one of my favorite parts about being a teacher.

I can't wait to see what Sheridyn creates next in Scratch and other programming tools too.  I just know she will continue to share and teach all of us amazing things.


  1. Wish we had more teachers like you! Keep encouraging more Scratchers!

    1. Thank you so much Eric.....That means a lot to me. :)

      Have a wonderful day, Shannon