Sunday, February 9, 2014

Let's All Make A Different By Taking The "Reading Minutes Challenge" With LitWorld For World Read Aloud Day!

We are all gearing up for another WRAD.....World Read Aloud Day with our friends at LitWorld.  

It is one of the best days to come together and celebrate reading, books, and literacy within your library, classroom, school community, home, and around the world.

LitWorld is hosting a very special event to encourage all of us to read even more.  It is called the Reading Minutes Challenge.  

The LitWorld website states....

Prior to World Read Aloud Day on March 5, find sponsors to support your Reading Minutes Challenge.  

Sponsors will pledge $1 for every minute that you read, and they can choose how many minutes to support. For example, a sponsor can choose to donate $50 for 50 reading minutes. Collect as many sponsors as you can! 

See more at....
This is the letter to participate in the Reading Minutes Challenge.

You can also download the Reading Minutes Challenge Packet here.  The packet includes.....
"You pledged" tickets to give your Reading Minutes sponsors....
and a sheet to organize your World Read Aloud Day Reading Minutes, sponsors, and pledges.
You can also have donors give online by having them go to this link and fill out the information that is included on the page.

There is also an address for LitWorld available on this site.
On World Read Aloud Day and throughout that week we will be connecting with authors, illustrators and others.....just as we have done over the last several years.

However, this year we will add a VERY exciting piece to our WRAD at Van Meter.

We will all be participating in the Reading Minutes Challenge!  By reading and having others donate to us, we will be raising money for others around the world who don't have access to books, education, and literacy.

We will be raising awareness and supporting LitWorld by doing something we all love.


We will make a difference.

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