Thursday, February 27, 2014

Excited To See The 2014 Children's Book Week Poster and Bookmark Announced!

Every May we all get excited to celebrate Children's Book Week with our friends at Van Meter and around the country.  This year it is May 12-18th.

The Children's Book Council and Every Child A Reader  sponsor Children's Book Week and do an amazing job getting all of us connected and excited about the event.
It is also fun to follow the Children's Book Week count down on the front page of their website too.
Since 1919, we have been celebrating Children's Book Week (read more about it here). 
And each year there is a poster created commemorating the special week.  

I am always super excited to see the illustrator who creates the poster and bookmark.  This morning they were announced!
The poster this year was created by Robin Preiss Glasser, illustrator of Fancy Nancy and others.

What an amazing poster Robin has created for all of us to celebrate Children's Book Week!
I always order as many as I can because the teachers love putting them up in their classrooms to celebrate Children's Book Week and reading all year long.  

I was also very happy to see that Steve Jenkins created the 2014 Children's Book Week Bookmark!  

I recently got to meet Steve through an interview I did with him about the Common Core State Standards.  He is doing amazing work and adds so much to the world of our young people through the books, writing, and beautiful illustrations he created.  
Next week we are all getting ready to celebrate LitWorld's World Read Aloud Day together.  

And then we will be planning for Poetry Month and Children's Book Week.  Always so much fun!  

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