Monday, February 24, 2014

In The New K-12 Library.....Will They All Be Reading Picture Books?

On Friday I flew through Minneapolis on my way to North Carolina to see my daughter, Brianna.

I love flying through this airport because of a very special bookstore called Authors Bookstore.  I always find my way to Authors just to see what beautiful new picture books they have displayed.
As you walk through the door, I head straight to the area with all of the colorful, fun, engaging picture books along the walls, on shelves, and best of all....                   
Books displayed in the center in an amazing display of art, play on words, and so full of energy I just want to pick up each and every one. 
This new one Rosie Revere, Engineer by Andrea Beaty and illustrated by David Roberts is the one the instantly caught my eye when I walked towards the book display.  

I just had to pick it up.  I love reading and looking at the illustrations in this awesome picture book. 

With the maker movement and 3D printing projects taking place within our library and school, Rosie will be a perfect addition.  
You can even watch this super fun book trailer on Andrea's website for Rosie Revere, Engineer to get a little glimpse of these sweet, inspiring book too. 
I turned around and found Rubber Band Jewelry that will fit perfect in the 3rd graders Rainbow Loom Research Project.  We have been researching and creating in the library over the last several weeks finding what we needed online.  

Now they would also the options of finding new patterns and information in this book too. 
And I didn't get very far in the children's section of the bookstore when I saw this small book with a whimsical, brightly colored cover and charming title, A Letter For Bear.  

This one was new to me.  It is published by Flying Eye of the sweetest publishers ever.  I am in love with their books.
If you visit the Flying Eye Books website you can even scroll through the pages of the book, like the spread shown above.

It was a very special and fun trip to Authors Bookstore.  It always feels this way.  

I love being in that bookstore, especially since it is in the center of the airport.  There is always busy all around, from all over the world, going on outside, around, and inside the book store too.  

But the minute I step into the bookstore, I am drawn to all of the beautiful picture books because I know what they contain and bring to me.  And what they can bring to my young friends back home.  

All of these things made me think....

With the renovation of our school, the library is moving to the center of the building.  It will truly be the heart of our school and one that draws all of the students and teachers within our new space.  

The secondary students will come in the same doors and visit the same space that our elementary students too.  The library will share the space for the elementary and secondary collections, students, projects, makerspace, virtual collaboration and connections, and more.  I get more excited about this every single day.

I then thought....

I wonder if by bringing the students K-12 all together into one collaborative, active, amazing space....will this bring our older ones to the picture books more?  Will they be drawn to them within our library like I am with the picture books in Authors Bookstore?  Will they enjoy reading more if they could still be surrounded by the sweet stories and illustrations of picture books too.  
Our space will be one with a lot of flexibility and movement, so it will not only be perfect for all that happens within the library, but it will also be nice to display books perfectly within the library space.....

or maybe even in a display outside of the library doors too. And by bringing these interactive, wonderful displays of picture books we will bring awareness and draw them into it too.  We will also share them through read alouds, interactive displays, connections to authors and illustrators, and more.

So, what does everyone think....

Will this renovation and change within and throughout the library and school bring our older ones to the picture books more? 


  1. Hi Shannon!

    With our space changes, PBs are more featured but not to this extent. You have me thinking!

    I do pull out PB biographies and put those elsewhere. They can get lost in the PB section.

    Have you thought of doing "neighborhoods" in your PB section?

  2. My library is a K-8 library in the center of the school and I think that being so central and open to all the grades all day does bring the older ones to picture books. The middle school kids are usually working at the computers during my kindergarten storytimes and many times they turn around and listen and sometimes even join in on crowd response stories.

    The older kids help us shelve the picture books and I see them paging through the books, reminiscing from their younger days, or sharing a cool new book with one of their friends.

    My library is really the only place in the school where the elementary and middle school students interact on a daily basis. The middle school kids behave better and like to be "role models" when they know the little ones are around. It is a culture that I always encourage and cultivate because it helps make our library welcoming to everyone.

    I look forward to watching your renovation through Twitter and your blog. So exciting!