Thursday, February 20, 2014

Coming Together To Support & Enhance The Common Core State Standards In The World Of Writing, Publishing, Education & Librarianship

Each month I write something new for my Mackin column Shannon Shares for the eMackin Newsletter from Mackin Educational Resources.  

Also, I had the honor of interviewing several wonderful people for another article I wrote this month called Coming Together To Support & Enhance The Common Core State Standards.  
I enjoyed speaking with author Steve Jenkins, who is best known for his nonfiction and fiction books which focus on science questions and topics of all kinds; 
Andrea Davis Pinkney, who is the Vice President and Executive Editor at Scholastic Trade and also an author and Coretta Scott King Award winner who writes books that focus on the African-American culture and its achievements; 

Kathleen Rourke who is the Director of School and Library Sales for Candlewick Press
and Stephanie Reierson, who is Director of Classroom Services from Mackin Educational Resources

Their perspectives, along with my own as a teacher librarian, give us a look into what the Common Core State Standards means to the different players in the world of writing, publishing, education, and librarianship.  

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