Thursday, February 20, 2014

Our Kindergarteners Use Flipgrid, Capstone's PebbleGO, & New Books To Share What They Know About The Presidents

Our kindergarteners have been learning, collaborating, and creating through materials and activities focused around the presidents.  They love all that they are learning about each President.  

This week after gathering knowledge and information from Capstone's PebbleGo, listening to books and eBooks about Presidents, and having conversations, the young learners have learned so much more.
And today in the library, they all shared what they have learned by answering the question....

What is the job of the president of the United States? using Flipgrid, a digital tool that lets you present questions and have students respond through video within FlipGrid.  

You can go to their Presidents Flipgrid and check out all of the video responses too. 
It is so much fun to use because all of these videos are grouped together right above the question that you ask.  You just scroll to the left or right and click on the one that you would like to watch. 
When you click on one of the students pictures in that FlipGrid, it will bring up the video in a little pop up in the middle of the screen....just like Gabe's above.  You can watch it from here and also "Like It" by clicking the heart.  

You also have several different options to share the video. 

You can share the link, embed the video, and share the video to Twitter or Facebook.  For my blog, I grabbed the embed code and pasted it into this post. 

It will be a lot of fun having the kindergarteners look back at our FlipGrid next week to see that people have viewed their video and "Liked" it.

Yesterday, on the first day of the project, we got through about half of Mrs. Caltrider's kindergarteners.
Today, Miss McClintock's students recorded their responses.  
As I mentioned above, a big part of their learning about the Presidents has come from Capstone's PebbleGo.

Within the PebbleGo Biographies database...
each president along with the first ladies are featured through beautiful articles in the database. 
Each presidents article includes several different topics including an introduction, early life, life's work, contributions, and more.   
The young learners can listen to the text be read to them, view a timeline, watch videos about the president, and print images included within the article. 
I love seeing them always so engaged within all of the PebbleGo databases.  It will be fun to see them go back to Biographies to learn more about other Presidents and famous people too.  
As with all of the articles with the four PebbleGo databases, you can always print off the "Share What You Know" sheet from the left hand side of the page.  Our students really enjoy drawing and writing what they know on these too. 
The kindergarteners are also using books and eBooks to learn about Presidents.

A few months ago we also added Rourke's Complete History Of Our Presidents Encyclopedias to our collection.  The students are loving these books within our collection....They find it fascinating to learn about the presidents together.

You can read more about these beautiful books at my post, Look What Rourke's Complete History Of Our Presidents Brought To The Library.  
As I said earlier, the rest of the kindergarteners from each class will be adding their response to FlipGrid  over the next few days.  
Thank you LT media.lab at the University of Minnesota for having such an awesome digital tool for us to use within education and with our children.  
You can find out more about Flipgrid and what it can bring your school, classrooms and libraries by visiting their website here.  

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