Tuesday, November 12, 2013

"Thank You Veterans" Padlet From Our First Graders

Today is Veteran's Day.  

A day that we remember those who have served our country with grace, pride, and bravery.  A day that all of us need to embrace and bring to the children in our lives through individuals, stories, and experiences.  

The first graders used PebbleGo in their classroom during the morning literacy time to research Veteran's Day.  They had so much to share when they came to the library.  We had a wonderful conversation and decided to create thank you's to share with veterans on their special day.  

We used Padlet to create a collaborative, online wall which contains messages for veterans from the first graders at Van Meter.  You can read their message at the Padlet here or by scrolling on the Padlet window below. 
By opening up the Padlet from the first grade Symbaloo, the students were able to get to the Padlet easily and add their very own message.

Messages that hold thanks and honesty from a few of our youngest learners at Van Meter.

Thank you Veterans.  For today is your day!

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