Friday, November 22, 2013

A LittleBirdTale With Lots Of Scary Five Senses Poems From Our 3rd Graders

The third graders in Jenny Stephens room have been working on the Halloween Five Senses Poems project over the last few weeks in the classroom and library.
They wrote their Halloween 5 Senses Poems with Jenny in the classroom.  They also drew awesome pictures to illustrate their poems.
Jenny uploaded the illustrations into LittleBirdTale and then I helped them record their poems on their pages.

The LittleBirdTale turned out so adorable....I love being able to see and hear what they have created.  It is a wonderful tool for them to use for listening, speaking, and writing.

Enjoy Miss Stephen's Little Bird Tale.....

Halloween Five Senses Poems


  1. Ms. Miller! Tell me how to insert flipsnak my presentation to my blog?

    1. Hi there.....FlipSnack has an embed code (free one) that you can then embed into your blog. We can connect in email if you would like. :)