Saturday, November 23, 2013

A Handful of Digital Tools Used To Create Really AWESOME eBooks By The 4th Graders

I always enjoy working with the 4th graders and their teachers, Staci Braun, Cindi Byrnes, and Eldonna Skahill, on the monthly book projects.  
At the beginning of the year we all sat down and laid out the different genres they would read.  Then we talked about what we wanted to accomplish with the project, in addition to them reading a different genre each month, and the different Web 2.0 tools we would have them use to create their projects.   
For the October book project we would have them create flippable eBooks using Flipsnack.  The first step would be to create their pages using Google Presentation.  

By using Google Presentation they could easily create their pages and also share them with us so we could help with editing.  
I always give them lots of choices for making their projects extra special.  Photo editing tools like PicMonkey, ReciteThis that creates cool posters, and Wordle that creates fun word clouds are just a few of these digital tools and ones that they used for this book project.  

I put links to all of these digital tools on the 4th Grade Symbaloo so they could get to the different sites easily.  
All of the 4th graders really loved this project.  I love how engaged they all were as they worked in the library and classroom.  
They are just so creative and love using the digital tools to really personalize and spice up their work.  I love how they use Google Presentation to make the pages their very own.

I just knew they were going to come together to create really awesome eBooks in FlipSnack.
Today when the 4th graders came for library and technology time, there were several students who were all ready to upload their Google Presentations into FlipSnack.
This is really simple to do.

All you have to do is "Download" the Google Presentation as a PDF.
Then go to FlipSnack, create a new one, and upload that file you just saved on your laptop of the Google Presentation.

When it has uploaded, you will also be able to choose how you want your flippable eBooks to look and the background it is on.  You can also give it a title, subtitle, and description.

Even though we just have a few of the FlipSnacks finished, I just couldn't wait to share them.
On Monday, I go to the two 4th grade classrooms for the morning.
We will be uploading all of the Google Presentations to FlipSnack and adding the flippable eBooks to the Padlet, Van Meter 4th Grade October Book Projects...FlipSnack eBooks.

We can't wait to share their eBooks with all of you.....The 4th graders hope they inspire others to read the books they read too.


  1. Do the kids all have their own flip snack accounts or did you upload all their presentations to your account?

    1. Hi Kim

      We uploaded through ours....We are going to try our FlipSnackEDU next. :)


  2. Love this idea! Are you just using the free account on FlipSnack right now?