Sunday, November 10, 2013

"Creative Connections Club" Blog.....A New Blog For Our Student Library Clubs

This year our library club, The Technical Difficulties, are connecting with my friend Shawna Ford and several of her students from Curtis Elementary.

They have a library club too.  It is called The Digital Bookworms.
They meet on Wednesdays as well, so it has been easy to connect the last two weeks.  We hope that it will continue to work out throughout the year....It has been so much fun.
Last week we talked about a space for our connections and learning.  Did we want to have a group in Edmodo, a wiki, or a blog?  

Through a Skype meeting, the two groups decided to start by creating a blog.  They brainstormed for quite awhile to make sure they had a name perfect for the blog.  The piece of paper above shows the notes I was taking down as the two in Iowa and one in Texas....talked through all the different ideas and names.  
They decided on "Creative Connections Club."

We will all contribute to the blog and will use it to share our story....and to inspire others to join us too.

You can visit our new blog at Creative Connections Club.....We promise to have our first post soon.

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