Thursday, November 7, 2013

A Wonderful Visit From Our Friend Mercer Mayer

Everyone in our library just loves Little Critter and all of the books that Mercer Mayer wrote about him. 
Our kindergarteners learned more about him in September and even created an eBook with their own illustrations and words called Just Me and Little Critter

Last year we had the honor of inviting Mercer to our library through Skype....It was one of the BEST author visits and we all enjoyed him so much.  

Everyone was really excited to invite Mercer back to our library this year.  
He Skyped with the Van Meter first and second graders in our library.  
We also invited my sister Heather Fox and her students in Amana Elementary to join all of us.
It was so exciting to see Mercer back with our little ones and sharing the character they all loved.
 He read Just So Thankful, just in time for Thanksgiving.
The Amana and Van Meter students asked Mercer several awesome questions.  We learned a lot about him and Little Critter.
One of our students asked him how he drew Little Critter.....

so he did!  
We are always excited when Little Critter then shows up in the library!  They all said Mercer Mayer is the BEST drawer!
Everyone loved the time we spent with Mercer and our friends in Amana.

Thank you Mercer....You are a wonderful author, illustrator, and most of all friend to all of the young people that you share your stories with everyday.

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