Saturday, November 2, 2013

Look What Rourke's Complete History of Our Presidents Encyclopedias Brought To Our Library!

As I unpacked a box of books last week, every one I took out the students in the library said, 

Oh, I want to read that one! 

I want to read about him!  I remember a story that I read online in class one day....and then we watched a video about his life.  He was a great leader.  

My mom loved his wife and what she did while he was in office.  Can I please be the first to check that book out and bring it home.  She would like to read it too.  

I loved how excited they were and couldn't wait to put these wonderful new books into the hands of our students, teachers, and families.  

This set contains 15 volumes and the 2013 Yearbook.  They can be purchased individually or as a classroom or library collection.  
As the site states....
Rourke's Complete History of Our Presidents brings to life every president that has served the United States from Washington to Obama. 
Each one includes a detailed pictorial timeline.
The 2013 Yearbook ensures the most up-to-date presidential information available.
 There is also an easy to use glossary and index in each volume.
The text and photographs were very interesting to all of the students.  Everyone found something in the encyclopedias they were excited about.
They just loved looking at the timeline.
As they did this I heard the 2nd graders quietly signing Dr. Jean's song about Presidents. It was so fun seeing the connections they were making.
These two second graders went to each President and compared the wives of each one.  The encyclopedias contain beautiful articles about all of the First Ladies too.
As you can see, Rourke's Complete History of Our Presidents Encyclopedia is a HUGE hit in our library with all of our students. We will be able to use these within whole class and small group instruction....
and with individuals too.  I just love what happens when something as special as this encyclopedia set is added to a library.  

Thank you Rourke Educational Media for bringing these to all of us.  
You can find the Presidential Encyclopedias on Rourke Educational Media 

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