Friday, November 22, 2013

Our Third Graders Created An eBook On How To Stay Safe Online

Our third graders have created a flippable eBook to share with all of us entitled, Our Advice On How To Be Safe Online!  
As part of the Digital Citizenship piece of the 3rd grade technology and library curriculum, there are several points that we need to cover throughout the year.
We have been having discussions throughout the year and have used Rosen Publishing CyberSmarts eBooks series, Professor Garfield and NetSmartz.

There are five interactive eBooks that make up the CyberSmarts series.  We have these available to our students, teachers, and parents through Van Meter's MackinVIA.
This time they used Common Sense Media's "Digital Passport."  Within Digital Passport, the students work through five modules focusing on digital citizenship and being safe online.  Once they have completed all of them, they get their Digital Passport.

After they all received their digital passport, we had a great discussion about what they learned.  I just loved the conversation and knew that we had to do something with it.

As a class, we decided it would be fun to have everyone draw and write a page of an eBook we would create for our younger students at Van Meter and in other schools too.

Once they all had a page created, I scanned them into the copy machine, downloaded them as a PDF, and uploaded into FlipSnack.
Now we have a wonderful new eBook that will help others be safe online too.


  1. Wonderful idea. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thank you Jackie.....Hopefully it gave you an idea too. :)

      Have a super day and holiday, Shannon

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