Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Sharing How Much We All LOVE Loren Long's New Book......"An Otis Christmas"

One month ago, our very lucky 3rd graders met one of their favorite children's author and illustrator, Loren Long.  
They got to "hangout " with Loren in a Google Hangout for Read For The Record.  He even read to all of us and drew our favorite little tractor, Otis.  You can read more about this day here.  

Today when the students came to the library they said,

"Mrs. Miller, remember you are going to read 'An Otis Christmas' to us today.  When we saw it on your desk last week after it came out, you promised us next time we could hear the new story from Loren."
They were right!  The day Loren's new book came out I headed to Barnes & Noble to buy three copies. I couldn't wait to bring it to the library the next day.  It is my most favorite Otis story yet.
As I read the beautiful story to the 3rd graders, the best conversation started all around us.  They spoke about his use of interesting, descriptive words; the realistic, colorful illustrators; Loren's talent and that he was "gifted"; Otis's perseverance; and so much more.  All because of their love for this little character and Loren's gift of writing such engaging, wonderful stories while tying it together with amazing illustrations.
When we finished reading the book, I just knew I had to capture these words for Loren.  He would love them too.
I created a Padlet with the class.  They helped me with the title and description.....and of course the little profile picture and background.  I wanted them to learn how to create a Padlet this week so this was a perfect tie in.
Loren....these little notes are just for you from your 3rd grade friends at Van Meter School.  You have truly inspired our young people with your art, words, and with little Otis and all of the other characters of your books.

Thank you my friend.....We can't wait until you can visit us again.  They have lots and lots of questions.
Here is a little video entitled Otis and Loren where Loren speaks about becoming an artist.   
Also, the official website for Loren Long's "An Otis Christmas," which contains information about himself, all of his books, and fun games.
I hope you enjoy the resources we shared and how one story can make an impact on others.

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