Friday, November 22, 2013

A Special Visit From Our Friend Seymour Simon For "StarWalk Kids Media Week"

This week we are celebrating StarWalk Kids Media and all of the amazing fiction and nonfiction eBooks included within this awesome platform.  StarWalk Kids Media was created by Seymour Simon and Liz Nealon.....You can read more about it at this post I wrote, StarWalk Kids Media"....Amazing Nonfiction and Fiction eBook Collection, "Teaching Links" For Each eBook That Connects To The Common Core, and More!

Over the week we have been taking a closer look inside of the eBooks from StarWalk Kids, making sure we know how to get to them within our MackinVIA, and sharing favorites with each other in the library and at home.  
To make the week even more special we invited Seymour to come visit our 2nd graders in the library.

They are such huge fans of all of the eBooks within StarWalk Kids and also of all the Seymour Simon books we have on our shelves, so this was a very special visit for all of us.  
I always love how Seymour starts out the Skype.  He has the kids wiggle their fingers above their head....and then tells them that their fingers, and even more, make up how many books he has written.
Seymour told us all about how he became an author when he was in 2nd grade, which gets them all so excited about writing and publishing as authors too. 
I loved watching Seymour talk to the kids....They always have such a wonderful conversation. 
The kids also love going to the Seymour Simon website so I can see them connecting to what they have learned here too throughout our visit.
All of the 2nd graders had their hand up ready to ask Seymour a question when he told them it was time for their questions.
They have the most thoughtful questions for Seymour.
They were all very excited when one of their friends asked Seymour if he could read from the book Ghosts.  This is one of the most popular within StarWalk Kids Media for my students.  I find them so many times curled up reading and listening to this one. 
As he read from the book, it was so much fun watching their faces....
and big smiles as they wondered if they should look at the pages or not.  
He also shared a few other favorites of his and gave the 2nd graders all kinds of ideas on new eBooks to read within StarWalk.  
After our visit with Seymour, they couldn't wait to get into MackinVIA to read more.  
They first get into "Groups" within MackinVIA.  
Then they go down to "StarWalk Kids Media eBooks."
I love the Groups within MackinVIA, because it is very easy for everyone to find the different eBooks and eResources.
We now have 157 eBooks within our StarWalk Kids Group.  Like I said earlier, I really love that StarWalk contains such wonderful fiction and nonfiction.
Not only are the eBooks the best choices, there is also such a variety of books on different topics.
As I walked around the library, I saw all of the kids putting Ghosts into their MackinVIA Backpack.  It was fun seeing how they couldn't wait to keep reading and listening where Seymour left off.

On the first day I highlighted StarWalk Kids.  
You can watch this little video I created using the Tellagami app to learn even more about StarWalk Kids Media and MackinVIA.
Thank you again Seymour for visiting the 2nd graders this week.....We always love your visits.

And thank you for bringing StarWalk Kids Media and so many beautiful print and eBooks to all of us.

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