Saturday, November 5, 2022

Veterans Day Choice Boards, Collection by Destiny and a PebbleGo Create Project Idea!


This week, on November 11, we recognize our veterans on Veterans Day. This is always a very special day for us as our students learn, read and create thanks for our veterans here in Iowa and across the country.

As we prepare with activities we have planned for our students, we are bringing together resources to learn about this day too. 

I have created two Veterans Day Choice Boards.  One for our preschool to 2nd grade and... for our 3rd grade and up.  

The Veterans Day Choice Boards include PebbleGo and PebbleGo Next articles about Veterans Day and U.S. Symbols. They also include several Capstone Interactive eBooks we have within our library collection at Van Meter. 
I have included Veteran's Day, the Cantata Learning story and song, which is always a favorite.  You will find it here on YouTube. 

Even though the Veterans Day Choice Boards hold links and resources specific to our school and library collection, you can make a copy and add links to your PebbleGo and even images that link to other resources you may have access to as well. 
If you need some ideas for what eBooks and eResources to add, check out this collection in EPIC! Books here.

You can make a copy of the Veterans Day Choice Board for preschool to 2nd grade here

You can make a copy of the Veterans Day Choice Board for 3rd grade on up here.
And a little tip when sharing choice boards with littles and those students who are using hand held devices.  

You can take the published link from the choice board and use a tool like QR Code Monkey to create a QR code.  Then share this with the students within the classroom, library and even online through their Google Classroom, Seesaw and other platforms. 

We do this a lot with our littles and their iPads. It's super helpful. 
I have included both of our Veterans Day Choice Boards in our newly updated Veterans Day Collection by Destiny, along with several wonderful resources for students, teachers and families. 

You will find the Veterans Day Collection here. This is public and there for you to use and share with your school community.  Please let me know if there are other resources we should add to the Collection. 
One of my favorite projects to do for Veteran's Day is when they create a Veterans Day Buncee/PebbleGo Create Card. You will find this project here in this post. 
One other activity for Veterans Day I added to the Collection is the Veterans Day Origami Heart from our friends at PebbleGo. 
You will find it here on their site. 

I hope you find these resources and project idea helpful as you teach your students about Veterans Day and commemorate this special day and all of the veterans that have served together.  

Together, let's thank them for their service and commitment to our country.  

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