Saturday, November 19, 2022

A Little Virtual StickTogether Surprise For The Holiday! You Can Make One For Your Students With FREE Virtual Sticker Boards and This Template Too!


With just a few days until our Thanksgiving holiday, I made a special virtual StickTogether stickerboard for all of our teachers to do with their students today.  Our kids love working on the virtual stickerboards together and get super excited when the image is revealed. 

Here is how I create the virtual StickTogether stickerboard posters like the one above. 

First, go to Virtual Stickerboards on StickTogether's amazing NEW website. 

It will prompt you to Sign in with your... 
It will then prompt you to Check your email. 

Once you go to this link in your email, you will login to the Virtual Stickerboard site. 

I use the Virtual Stickerboard site often, so it does keep me logged in. This makes it super handy to do a lot of creating and sharing throughout the week. 
When you are logged into the Virtual Stickerboard site, you will see Create New Stickerboard at the top of the page. You will click this to get to the gallery of virtual stickerboard choices. 
I clicked Seasonal on the left hand side and found one perfect for this week. I picked the Give Thanks.
It prompted me to Give it a name and click Confirm. 
When asked Are you sure? I clicked, I am sure and was given....
....a message that said Your Stickerboard is ready! 

There are several ways to share the link to your virtual stickerboard.  You can share by copying the link, on social media and with this handy QR code. 

For this special choice board, I click on Copy Link and take it to...
...the Google Slide where I created the choice board to share with each classroom. I made a copy to add the unique code for each teacher. 

You will find a copy of the Thanksgiving StickTogether Google Slide here
You can hyperlink the copied code to the turkey where it says Click Here. 
Once you have the code added, click on Edit and go to Publish to the web. Click on Publish and that will give you...
...a link to share with your teachers.  

They can share this published link to the Google Slide in their students Google Classroom or on Seesaw. When they click on that link... will take to them straight to the virtual stickerboard.  Students can then add stickers to the board together to complete the image. 
And with the QR code now being available to the virtual stickerboard too, I can add that to the choice board and print this off as a poster for our learners to scan with iPads or other devices. 

Happy Holidays, friends.  I hope you have a wonderful week with your family and friends. 

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