Wednesday, November 23, 2022

Our StickTogether Pixel Art Showcase Is Such A Special Art Work To Celebrate This Week

Our first grade and second grade friends have been busy creating amazing self portraits using the StickTogether Pixel Art site. 
Everyone made such a beautiful and unique self portrait using this wonderful free technology tool. 

You can read all about this special project here
And to make this project even more special, StickTogether is happy to announce the StickTogether Pixel Art Showcase November 2022, "I am thankful for..." 

To be part of the November StickTogether Pixel Art Showcase, your students can create what they are thankful for at the Pixel Art site here. 

You can then post their Pixel Art entries and ‘I am Thankful for’ caption on social. Tag StickTogether at @byStickTogether #PixelArtShowcase #WeStickTogether
Our students are busy creating their thankful projects at school, so I thought I would put all of their Pixel Art self portraits together and share what we are thankful for at our school. 

We are thankful for one another at Van Meter School. 

I hope you do this special project with your students and share what they are thankful for too.

Have a lovely holiday week, friends. I am thankful for all of you. 

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