Saturday, November 19, 2022

Creating A Choice Board About The 1621 Harvest Celebration and Thanksgiving Using Capstone Connect


With the holiday coming up this week, I have created a choice board for our students and teachers to learn about the 1621 Harvest Celebration and Thanksgiving. 

I used our Capstone Connect to find two PebbleGo articles and eBooks to include in the choice board. 
In Capstone Connect, I searched Thanksgiving and 1621 Harvest Celebration. 
I then grabbed the link and attached it to a screen shot of the PebbleGo articles and eBooks...
...within the Google Slide of the choice board. 
I also included Turkey Trouble from Storyline Online. Our students love these read aloud by the Screen Actors Guild. 
Once all of the links to PebbleGo articles, eBooks and the video are added, I go to File and down to Publish to the Web. 
This will give you the option to Publish to the Web by clicking Publish. 
This is the link that you will share with your students. 

If you would like to make this for your students, make a copy of this Google Slide here and add links from your PebbleGo articles, eBooks and other resources. 

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