Sunday, November 20, 2022

Have Your Readers Join The NEW Biblionasium Challenge, Building Community Challenge! Lots Of Special Resources To Use Here, Friends.


One of our favorite places to go to log, share and celebrate our reading is Biblionasium, the "Good Reads for Kids!" 
Biblionasium is a wonderful social reading community for all readers where they create shelves of books, log reading, share book recommendations, write book reviews and more. 

We can even set up Challenges for our students and our friends at Biblionasium set up amazing Biblio Challenges too. 

This month, I am very excited to team up with Biblionasium to share a NEW Biblio Challenge, the Building Community Challenge. 

As shared on the Biblionasium Blog, 

Midway through the semester, could you use a boost to keep kids enthusiastic about learning and reading?

This Building Community Biblio challenge features activities and rewards to motivate students by engaging their whole selves—mentally, emotionally, and physically, at home and at school! 

Here's how you can bring book-tasting, Biblio badges, and smiles to your communities: 

  1. Either as individuals or as a class, have kids choose a book to read and an accompanying activity. You can use Shannon Miller's Biblio choice board, the Biblio Challenge bookshelf, or choose a book of your own!  If you want to make a copy to change anything on the choice board, you will find the copyable link here.
  2. Write a book and activity review on Biblionasium. 
3. Track reviews on our printout checklists and notes templates. Choose from green checklist, green notes, pink checklist, and pink notes
4. Award a BIBLIO BADGES for each review. Award COMMUNITY CERTIFICATES for 5 reviews or a full class activity.

5. Optionally, celebrate your achievements with a prize of your choice – like a ‘dress up as your favorite book character day’!

Connect with the wider Biblio community – TAG @Biblionasium and #Biblionasium on Twitter and Instagram for a chance to be featured on our blog!! 
REMEMBER to check out all our resources to have fun as a community this November. Read on!

You can sign up and learn all about Biblionasium here. 

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