Sunday, November 20, 2022

Creating Thankfulness Self Portraits and Stories With StickTogether Pixel Art, Books and Lots Of Creativity! And Learn How They Can Then Be Part Of The November Pixel Art Showcase!

As we get ready for the holiday, our first graders are participating in a very special project using books, graph paper and the StickTogether Pixel Art site, not to mention lots of creativity, hard work and fun. 
When the first grade teachers and I met to collaborate around doing a StickTogether Pixel Art project, we decided to have it focus on thankfulness. We would have the students create Thankfulness Self Portraits and Stories to share with each other and their families. 

The teachers kicked it off my sharing books with the thankfulness theme. Thankful and The Thankful Book are two of my favorites. 
Since this was the 1st graders first time creating in the StickTogether Pixel Art platform, I made a screen shot of the site and printed it for the students to use as they created their self portrait on the graph. 
They used pencil and marker. 
When they finished on the paper, they were so excited to go to the Pixel Art site. 
I loved watching all of the unique and amazing self portraits come to life. 
They used their touch screens and the track pad. 
Take a look at a few of the beautiful Pixel Art creations from our 1st graders. 
When they finished, the students downloaded their Pixel Art to their Chromebook. We helped them upload them into the Padlet's I set up for each classroom. 
We had them add their colored one to the Padlet too. This is what it looks like printed off in color. 

This week, our students will be adding the stickers to their blank sticker posters. I will share an update as they complete their Pixel Art self portraits. 
Once they have the Pixel Art complete, we will attach them to a piece of construction paper with a sentence starter, I am thankful for....on the other side for them to write what they are thankful for too. 

These will be such special project to share. I can't wait to see them this week. 
And to make this project even more special, StickTogether is happy to announce the StickTogether Pixel Art Showcase November 2022, "I am thankful for..." 

To be part of the November StickTogether Pixel Art Showcase, your students can create what they are thankful for at the Pixel Art site here. 

You can then post their Pixel Art entries on social.  Tag StickTogether at @byStickTogether #PixelArtShowcase #WeStickTogether
They will be featured here too!  

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