Monday, September 26, 2022

Staff Pick Cards I Created For Our Staff Members To Share Books With Our Students & Teachers!


I love that our students have been making book recommendations in our library this fall with the new sticky notes we made. You will find that post here. 

When I was at the Strand Book Store in New York City last week, I saw another idea sticking out from the top of several books on a book cart. 

I pulled one out to see this fun Staff Pick note! 

It was super simple but so very effective. It included three words to describe this book, highlights from the book and a place for the staff members name. 

I wanted to make these for our libraries too. 

I went into Canva to create the Staff Pick note. 
After I created several different colored Staff Pick notes, 
...and created a black and white copy as well. 

You will find all of the different choices for the Staff Picks that I made in Canva here
I can print two on a page so they will be the perfect size to fit into our library books.  I will print them on card stock so they stick up from the books. 

I hope that you can take this idea and use it in your library too, friends. 

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