Sunday, September 11, 2022

New Magnetic Shelf Markers For Our Library!

We have been trying to figure out the best way to label our shelves for a few years. Our shelves are metal and have very little room to add location labels throughout the library. 
Last year, I came across these really cool magnetic label holders that come in all different lengths and widths. I order a few to sample them on our shelves and they fit perfectly. 

We were able to add 1 x 6 inch labels to the top of the shelves...

...and 3/4 x 6 inch labels to the other shelves below. 

Here is how we organized and created these labels. 
First, my library assistant, Natasha, made a list of our elementary, middle and high school genres and locations within the libraries. 

I counted up how many of each different label holders we would need and went online to find them. 
You can find the Magnetic Label Holders, 1 x 6, here and...
...the Magnetic Label Holders, 3/4 x 6 here.
I created the labels in Canva, using the same black background and font that are found in our library signage and... bin labels. You can find these here in this post, New Book Bins For Our Library.

You will find the 1 x 6 shelf marker labels template here in Canva
You will find the 3/4 x 6 shelf marker labels template here in Canva

We love these make it easy for our students and teachers to find what they need in our library, while looking clean and organized too. 

These will also be able to switch out when needed as we can move them around anywhere on the magnetic shelves. 

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