Thursday, September 8, 2022

Creating Your Own Back-to-School Poster To Share Online & Within Your Library or Classroom! Get The Templates Here!

Over the last few weeks, we have watched all of the back-to-school photographs pop up of students starting back to school. In a lot of the photographs, they are holding cute little signs with their name, favorite things, what they want to be when they grow up and so much more. 
This week, our friends at Capstone created these adorable and fun templates for their employees to fill out and share. I loved seeing ones from my Capstone friends like Katie, Maerin, Char and Bryan.  
I filled out mine too as I am the Capstone Community Leader and a Capstone author!  

You will find the PDF of each color here in this Google Doc and here in Canva too. 

As I filled this out last night, I thought to myself, 

Hey, this would be really fun to do at school with all of our teachers too!  

So today, I am taking the template in Canva and mixing it up for my teachers to use. I can't wait to see what everyone shares.  We can share on social media and even on our Google Classrooms. 

It will be fun to hang one up so our students can see them too. 

Thank you Char and Maerin, my work buddies at Capstone, for these amazing templates and ideas. 

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