Monday, September 5, 2022

10 Ways To Kick Off The New Year With Biblionasium...."GoodReads For Kids"....Catch Part 3 Today, Friends!

We are in the third week of a new school year!  I am so excited to be back with our students and teachers. 

As I shared last month on my blogone of the programs that we use to kick off back to school time every year is Biblionasium or as we like to call it...."GoodReads for Kids".

This year, I couldn't be more excited to share with my teachers and students that we now have the School-Wide Version of Biblionasium. This will offer a great value and opportunity to foster a culture of reading that permeates across grades and through the school community.  It will help us create an engaging and exciting reading culture with all students, and again one we will go back to year after year.

You can check out the recent Biblionasium blog post here on the NEW School-Wide version.

For the last three weeks, I have shared 10 Ways To Kick Off The New Year With Biblionasium with the NEW school-wide version in a three-part blog post series. This is how we use it at Van Meter and I can't wait to share these ideas with you.

I have shared the first 6 ways in these posts and today, I am sharing 4 more!

7. Encourage students to read the book reviews from their classmates and discuss. 
This is one of their favorite things to do within Biblionasium!  They love reading the reviews from their friends and talking about them even more. This is such a great way to get them excited about reading so many more books. 
8. Have students check out the "Suggested List" or "Contests" books for inspiration. 

On the left hand side, you will find Suggested Reading, 
which gives readers different sets of books to look through.  For example, this one is Top Picks but there is also Summer Picks, Popular Stories, Prize Winning Authors and more. 
Also on the left hand side, at the very bottom, you will find Contests. 
Biblonasium partners with publishers to offer the coolest reading contests throughout the year. 

Check out this one that popped up...Back-to-School with Disney Publishing!  Our readers love these. 
9. Connect parents so they can support reading at home. 

Biblionasium does an amazing job to make sure we have the tools needed to make connections with families to support reading at home too. 
In the menu on the left hand side, if you click on Connect Parents it will give you a choice on which Group you'd like to select. 
Once selected, instructions come up that tells us as librarians and teachers how to connect our families. 
You can even send emails or print parent letters for each student. I love the tips that are given to families too. This is very helpful and encouraging for all of our readers. 
10. Create a culture of reading by encouraging regular exchange of book reviews and book recommendations among students. 

And this one sums it all up! Biblionasium definitely creates a special culture of reading within any school community. 
I love how students can celebrate what they are reading, and how they can share their book reviews and book recommendations with others.  

Biblionasium has made a difference for our readers for many years. 
I hope you enjoyed our Biblionasium back to school journey, as I know you will love to learn how you can create a safe and fun social reading community for your students, teachers and families too.

You can check out the recent Biblionasium blog post here on the NEW School-Wide version.

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