Saturday, September 10, 2022

Books From Our Friends At Capstone To Tie Into Our Dot Day Celebrations....And More!


As we get ready to celebrate International Dot Day next week on September 15, I have been bringing lots of books and eResources together to use with our students and teachers.  I am looking for books with dots and with the themes of making your mark, student voice and choice, creativity, uniqueness, friendship, and more. 
One that I just can't even wait to add to our Dot Day Celebrations is Patrick's Polka Dot Tights by Kristen McCurry and illustrated by Mackenzie Haley.  As shared on the Capstone site, 

Patrick's tights are smooth and stretchy, purple and polka-dotty, and absolutely perfect for pretend play. But Patrick's tights aren't his at all. They belong to his sister, Penelope, who does NOT deserve them. Author Kristen McCurry proves that a pair of tights and a little imagination can provide endless fun in this charming picture book about a boy's creativity.

How perfect is that!  And as I started to pull this and others from the shelves and online, I found so many other Capstone books that are tie into our Dot Day celebrations, projects and conversations.  
Here are a few of these books and eBooks from our friends at Capstone, including Patrick's Polka Dot Tights and one of my favorite new books coming out this fall, Best Buddies. 

You will find all of these books in the Capstone list here.
I added the Dot Day Capstone List to a Padlet I started a few years ago. I keep adding books to the 
Books With Dots To Help Us Celebrate Dot Day Padlet found here. Please feel free to add more. 

In fact, after reading this post, please share even more books and eResources that you to tie into your Dot Day Celebrations too!  We would love to hear. 
You can learn more about Dot Day and sign up to be part of this amazing celebration here, on the International Dot Day website. 

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