Monday, September 12, 2022

I Am So Excited To Share "The Achievery"....A New Place To Connect Students To Digital Learning That Entertains As Well As Teaches!

I am so excited to share an amazing new resource called The Achievery

I learned about this new FREE digital learning platform over the summer and have kicked it off with our teachers and students as we start a new school year. 

Today, I would love to share a little about The Achievery with all of you! 
Created by AT&T in collaboration with Warner Bros. Discovery and other partners, The Achievery helps connect students to a new world of digital learning through stories that spark curiosity and content that entertains as well as teaches. 

The platform features clips from some of the most popular, well-loved movies, TV shows, and cartoons from Warner Bros. and Cartoon Network, paired with lessons and learning activities that students can engage with everywhere they are – at home, in the community, and the classroom.
Take a look at this video to see how it works! 
In addition to Warner Bros. and Cartoon Network, The Achievery includes several other collaborators like Scratch, Kahn Academy, CNN, Common Sense Media, Girls Who Code and more. 
As you can see, The Achievery focuses on dozens of different curriculum categories.  
Within the site, teachers can also search by grade levels, academic standard, media type, subject or collaborator.  
On this page, there are lots of Units that can be searched as well. 

I get so excited when I scroll through these!
There are so many that I can't wait to use with all of our students. 

Take a look at how they will grab our students attention with...
....popular characters that focus on...
...important topics with short and engaging video clips...
...and wonderful lesson plans. As you can see, these are all tied into the important standards like CCSS, CASEL, ISTE and more. 

I have shared The Achievery with so many of our teachers and others this fall. I love finding resources like this as it brings important lessons and content to our learners and teachers in new and exciting ways. 

This is just the start of using The Achievery, as I will be creating and sharing all kinds of ways to use these resources throughout the year.  

And I will be sharing them with all of you! 
You can sign up for The Achievery here, friends.  Share it with your teachers and others too. 

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