Thursday, October 31, 2019

Pear Deck QR Code Cards! A Quick and Easy Way To Get Your Students To Pear Deck!

We are having such a great time integrating Pear Deck into all grade levels at Van Meter. We have been thinking of lots of ways to bring it to all of our elementary students too.  

This week, I worked with third grade, second grade and even with....
...Christa McClintock and her kindergarteners, as they learned more about bats through the Pear Deck we created for her class. 
We kicked off the time listening to Christa read Bats in the Library
After the story, they brainstormed things they already knew about bats, as Christa used Pear Deck to draw the things they were sharing. 

Next, we wanted them to log into the Pear Deck on their iPads so we....
...created QR codes....
... with QR Code Monkey using and an image of Peary. 

I put these onto full size pieces of paper.  Once we started passing them out to the kindergarteners, I realized these were just a little too big, making it hard for them to easily scan with their iPads, not to mention they were getting stepped on and crumbled too. 

I left her room thinking about how I could make that easier for the kids and for us, as teachers. 
I decided to take the image of the QR code and make it into small little cards for the kids to hold onto easily. 

In the Printer Settings, I pulled up the QR code and set it to print 16 copies per page, as shown in the screen shot above. 
This makes it so easy to make mini cards that can then be printed, 
cut apart and laminated. 
And so much easier for our little friends to hold them in their hand while trying to scan them sitting in a group of others, at their desk or center, or even at home or on the go. 

I am excited to pass these out to Christa's kindergarteners and lots of others this fall too.  We know they will be such a quick and easy way to get our students to Pear Deck.

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