Tuesday, October 29, 2019

The NEW Buncee 3.0 App Came To Van Meter Today!

Something very exciting came to the Van Meter 2nd graders today!  
It's the NEW Buncee 3.0 iOS app and we couldn't be more excited to bring to this to our students and share with all of you. 
When my colleague and friend, Megan Warwick, who is one of our 2nd grade teachers, and I were collaborating on a Halloween project last week, we thought it would be great to focus around one of the books being shared on our It's Halloween....You've Been Book'd list. 

They are enjoying them so much and we wanted to give them a chance to share their favorites and what they loved in a Buncee Booktalk where they could add stickers, animations, images, text and even their own voice as they share their favorite book. 
After collaborating, Megan created a little sheet to guide them in the creation of their Buncee. Megan made an example of her favorite book from the list, Christopher Pumpkin. 

This was the first step in this project and one they finished before starting on their Buncee. 
As we started the Buncee part, Megan and I decided to use the NEW Buncee 3.0 app for this project with our new iPads.  We were very excited about the possibilities of them creating using the app.

Since they have used Buncee before, her students were familiar with how Buncee worked, but Megan did go over little tips before they started their Halloween Book Buncee.
The app is very similar and initiative as they use stickers, animations, words and other assets to share their book review. 
She even showed them how to add their voice to different assets which will be so much fun for this Halloween Buncee....
 ...ghost and witch sounds, sharing their story and more will bring their Buncee to life.

Tomorrow, they will be finishing up their Buncee's and adding them to a Buncee Board to send off to their pen pals in New York. 

You can learn more about the NEW Buncee 3.0 App here on the Buncee Blog and...

We can't wait to see what you create too! 

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