Thursday, October 24, 2019

You've Been Book'd For Holidays Throughout The Year!

We started a new read aloud program last year called You've Been Book'd.  
I pick out 6 picture books that will be new to our library collections and ones that haven't been shared in the library with our readers yet.  This will make them super special and new for teachers to share and read aloud. 

I put them into these cute little bags with felt letters that our VMEPC created for us last year during Read Across America Day. 
And then I gave all of the teachers these cute posters to post on their door so they could mark the books they read to their students, and pass the book onto the next classroom.  This will keep them circulating and give the students something fun to look forward to as they track who has read what from the posters and conversations. 

You can read all about how we kicked off You've Been Book'd in this post here
We have a You've Been Book'd set circulating right now, but when I posted this picture on my Instagram last week, my friend and colleague Tracy Ferguson said,

You should have a holiday You've Been Book'd too.

What a GREAT idea!  I couldn't wait to work on this as I pulled together several new Halloween books for the....
...It's Halloween!  You've Been Book'd For The Halloween Holiday that will go out to the classrooms tomorrow.   I can't wait to hear what the kids think of this one as they love silly, scary stories.
After Halloween, I have another ready for the fall and am working on the next three for Thanksgiving, Christmas and Winter too!

These holiday You've Been Book'd won't replace the ones I share each month with new picture books. They will be a wonderful addition and give our teachers and students even more to read, share and celebrate throughout the year. 

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