Saturday, October 26, 2019

Personal & Authentic By Thomas C. Murray Is Now Available...A Must-Read For All Educators!

I am very excited to share a new book that came out this weekend! I know that you will love reading this one and bringing it back to share with others within your community too.

Written by best-selling author, director of innovation for Future Ready Schools and my dear friend, Thomas C. Murray, Personal & Authentic: Designing Learning Experiences that Impact a Lifetime, speaks to everyone.

Just look at what some of today’s leading educators are already saying about the book:
"After you read this book, you will become a better teacher and leader - and if not, you might want to
read it again!” - Salome Thomas-EL, Award-Winning Principal, Speaker, and Author

"One of the most helpful, heartfelt, and unassuming stories I’ve ever read.” - Brad Gustafson, EdD,
National Distinguished Principal and Best Selling Author
"Teachers will finish this book feeling inspired and empowered to continue the important work we are called to do.” - Luisa Palomo Hare, Kindergarten Teacher, 2012 Nebraska Teacher of the Year

“The story always wins. The most impactful learning has always been personal and authentic. Murray does a masterful job of weaving both the gripping story of educators and the opportunities for them to increase their impact on students.” - Joe Sanfelippo, PhD, Superintendent, Author, and Speaker

When speaking with Tom about his book recently, he shared some of the amazing things included in the pages of Personal & Authentic?

Here are a few snapshots:
  1. Foreword by Inky Johnson - Highlighted by ESPN’s 30 for 30 films for his courage, Inky Johnson’s story is one of perseverance through severe adversity. Sleeping on the floor most nights while growing up in one of the most dangerous neighborhoods in the United States, Inky credits a teacher with saving his life and recognizes his teacher’s impact on his life decades later. Here’s a snapshot of what you’ll read in the foreword:
    “I’m a firm believer that things don’t happen to you. They happen for you. The funny thing about my injury was that my life found new meaning and new purpose. Instead of the injury serving as a curse, it has served as a blessing. It’s an opportunity. You see, my arm may be paralyzed, but my heart isn’t. My mind isn’t. My attitude isn’t. The same arm the doctor told me I would never use again because of paralysis, I now use every day of my life. I believe you are not defined by your circumstances or your situation. You are defined by your decisions and your choices. Every day I make a decision to make my life count. Every day I’m going to work to inspire someone. Every day I’m going to work to encourage someone. As an educator, you get to do the same.”

  1. The Personal & Authentic Framework - Designed with implementation in mind, the Personal & Authentic Framework solidifies the “what” and the “how” in creating the types of learning experiences that impact a lifetime. With the learner at the center, and held together by relationships and a culture for learning, the various ways in which teachers can make learning personal and authentic can be amplified. These include: Social-Emotional Learning; Culturally Responsive; Moments of Awe; Relevant & Contextualized; Interests, Passions, & Strengths; Creation & Design; Flexible Pace & Path; and Authentic Feedback. Supports for the process include the spaces in which kids learn and the tools in which they use, both of which either amplify or hinder the learner in the experience.
  2. Co-Authored Sections On Some of Today’s Most Important Issues - In understanding the limits of his own lens, Tom included two co-authored sections to amplify the respected voices and insights of Ken Shelton and Dr. Rosa Perez-Isiah, on overcoming equity barriers and how culturally responsive teaching is the only option.

  3. “Stop & Reflect” Questions - Throughout each chapter, a variety of “Stop & Reflect” questions encourage users to do just that...pause for a few moments and self-reflect on their mindset and practices.
  4. “Make it Stick” / “Try This...” - In understanding the importance of being practical, while simultaneously amplifying great ideas from a diverse group of educators, Personal & Authentic includes the thoughts and innovative ideas of over 50 educators who will encourage you to step out of your comfort zone. Each “Make it Stick” gives you practical ideas to try in your classroom or school -- starting tomorrow. At the end of most sections, each “Try this…” gives you additional ways to implement what’s been read into everyday practice. Personal & Authentic contains over 150 innovative and practical ideas for your school or classroom!
  5. “A Closer Look” & Free Book Study Resources - Designed to support the professional growth of your team, a comprehensive compilation of free additional videos, articles, and downloadables are available on the Personal & Authentic website. Whether you use the “Personal & Authentic Poster” to symbolically capture and frame your team’s fingerprints, or you utilize many of the videos or articles Tom uses in his training workshops, all that you need to run your next book study has been created for you to use -- for free.
Whether you’re using Personal & Authentic for your next book study, or for your own personal growth, the stories and words contained within are written for you 
As you can see, Tom has done a wonderful job at making Personal & Authentic something for everyone to read, share and grow from within their educational journey and the valuable work we all do with young people every day.  

And as Tom states,

Throughout these pages, as you reflect upon the work you do each day, I encourage you to share your thoughts using the hashtag #AuthenticEDU. Together, let’s amplify the many amazing things happening in classrooms and schools each day while continuing to take steps forward on our own unique journeys.

I know for me, this is just what I plan to do as I read his new book. I hope that you do too!

You will find the link to order Personal & Authentic here.

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