Tuesday, October 8, 2019

A Special Skype with Janet Sumner Johnson & Her New Book, Help Wanted, Must Love Books!

Today, in the library with the 2nd grade in Mrs. Braun's class, we Skyped with our new friend and author, Janet Sumner Johnson.  
She joined us to share her new book, 
Help Wanted, Must Love Booksthat comes out in March 2020 from Capstone.

This new book joins her first one,
The Last Great Adventure of the PB&J Society, 
which came out in 2016 from Capstone too.  You will find this one here on the Capstone site.
On her website, she shares this about Help Wanted, Must Love Books, 

When Shailey’s dad gets a new job, she loses her bedtime reading partner. She immediately starts interviews to fill the position and is thrilled when her favorite fairy tale characters line up to apply. But Sleeping Beauty can’t stay awake, the Gingerbread Man steals her book, and Snow White brings her whole team. Shailey is running out of options. Is bedtime ruined forever?
We loved learning how it was inspired by her husband, daughter and their nightly read aloud time and...
 ...figuring out the fairytale characters, Sleeping Beauty, Gingerbread Man, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs and more, that she included within her story
 After she shared the story, Janet answered lots of awesome questions....
 ...from our second graders. 

Her story is not only a funny tale of bedtime rituals and the struggle it sometimes causes; it is also a special story told through a fun cast of fairytale characters and great imagination.

Thank you, Janet for joining Jessica and I with our 2nd graders today.  You are awesome and we can't wait to connect with you again. 

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