Wednesday, October 9, 2019

A Tip For Creating PebbleGo & My Capstone Library Posters!

I am always looking for ways to streamline the process of getting to our online resources and making it quick and easy for students, teachers and families. 

Today, I thought about how I could get our kindergarteners onto the different places they have never been before with their new iPads.  This is a process we need to think through with our kindergarten classrooms being 1:1 and all of the students having their own iPad throughout the day. 

In fact, it is something we explore with all of our students every year as we get back into school. 
As I talked through it with a few of the kindergarten teachers, I thought it would be fun to come to each classroom and show them how to get to the PebbleGo article about pumpkins, which is what they are learning about in October. 
With this goal in mind, I got to work creating PebbleGo posters the teachers could post in their classrooms and even on the iPad cart.  
I took the URL for PebbleGo,, and created a QR code using QRMonkey.  I love this QR Code maker, because it allows you to add an image to the middle. 
I then added it to a Google Slide where I could add a screenshot of the PebbleGo logo and the sign in boxes from the site.  

It is easy in Google Slides to move things around, copy assets and slides and make them looks nice and organized to use for posters.  
I made this one blank but the ones I created for the teachers and students today at Van Meter, had our schools username and password.  This will allow the students to have all of the information they need for logging in successfully to PebbleGo at their fingertips. 
As I was working on these, I thought it would be helpful to create a poster for PebbleGo Next and....

...Capstone Interactive (My Capstone Library) too.  

Now all of our students, who have access to iPads often, will be able to get to all of the Capstone resources they need from any device at school and at home.  
After I put all three of the online resources into the Google Slides presentation, I shared it with teachers and printed off the posters for them to hang up in their classrooms.

If you would like to make these for your library and classrooms, I made the Google Slide presentation so you can make a copy and use it for your own.  You can get to the link here.

As you are working on your PebbleGo posters, don't forget to add your own username and password to each poster before you print.  This will save a lot of time and will be easy to read.

Have fun making these for your school community too! 

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