Friday, November 1, 2019

Global Kids...50 Games, Crafts, Recipes, Celebrations & More From Around The World!

We are always looking for ways to bring global experiences to our students.  
This week, I received something very special from my friends at Barefoot Books that will give us lots of creative, fun and unique ways to do just that! 

The Global Kids: Hands-On Activity Deck is designed to build global citizenship and brings over 50 activities, divided into five categories: games, crafts, recipes, celebrations and more from around the world, to our young learners. 
This activity was developed by the team that created Mindful Kids, Home Sabet Tavangar and Sophie Fatus. 
Take a look at the beautiful cards and all of the meaningful details that make them so useful and unique. 
Also, on the Barefoot Books site, they shared lots of powerful ways Global Kids are special.  

This activity deck is definitely a powerful resource for raising the next generation of global citizens.  

You can check it out here for a wonderful classroom, library and home resource too. 

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